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Care - Maintenance

Like all electronic devices E-cigs can malfunction if the user does not follow the proper instructions of good operation. Below you will find a troubleshoot guide that will assist you in dealing with the most common problems you might encounter.

Leaking atomizer tank

Check points:

  • Check that your tank section is properly attached to the atomizer’s tank base.
  • Check for missing o-rings of the various components of your atomizer tank.
  • Check for cracks signs in your tank in case you have dropped it.
  • Check that your coil head is properly installed and tightened.

E-liquid leaking from the Air Flow System

This is due to the overfeeding of your coil head and eventually liquid will end inside the air flow holes in the base of your tank section.

Check points:

  • Check that your coil head is properly installed and tightened.
  • Check that you are applying the appropriate power to your coil head so e-liquid gets vaporized, otherwise you might flood your coil head with excess e-liquid leading to leaking problems.
  • Make sure that your device is fully charged. If the device’s battery charging level is low it will not be able to supply the correct amount of power to your coil head leading again in excess liquid inside your coil.
  • Short and forceful type of inhalation will eventually lead to overfeeding of your coil head and respectively to leaking problems.
  • In case of running to any of the previous problems you need to dismantle your atomizer components and clean them thoroughly from the excess e-liquid.

E-liquid in our mouth after inhalation

The reason for e-liquid ending up in our mouth is mainly a result of the coil overfeeding with e-liquid or a coil head that needs replacing.

Check points:

  • Check that you are applying the appropriate power to your coil head so e-liquid gets properly vaporized, otherwise you might flood your coil head with excess e-liquid ending up in your mouth.
  • Do not apply short and forceful inhaling when using your e-cig because you will end up flooding your coil head with e-liquid.
  • Make sure that your Air Flow Control System setting is not fully closed, or you will create a vacuum effect inside the tank leading to overfeeding of your coil.
  • Check if your coil head needs replacing, most of the times overly used coils loose their ability to absorb e-liquid leading to a flooding coil head.
  • Every time you use your atomizer vapor condensation accumulates inside the base of your mouthpiece. It’s a good practice to take your mouthpiece out and clean it with a paper towel removing all the excess vapor condensation.

The atomizer is not producing any vapor

  • Check if your atomizer is properly attached to your device and make sure your device is powered on.
  • Make sure that your atomizer tank is filled with e-liquid.
  • Check that your atomizer has a coil head properly installed inside it.
  • Check that your coil head is in good condition, if not replace it with a new one.
  • Make sure that your device is fully charged.

Vapor condensation accumulation

When we use our e-cig a small amount of vapor gets trapped inside the various parts of it, eventually resulting in condensation build up. It is a good everyday practice to clean all the various components of your e-cig removing all this kind of condensation. You should also keep your device and atomizer thread points free of dust and debris, resulting in a much better conductivity. Do not apply excessive force when you attach your atomizer to your device, threads could get damaged resulting in a non operational e-cig. Batteries have a specific lifespan so you should always check that your battery is performing flawlessly and make sure to replace it if you feel it underperforms.

Atomizer tank maintenance

Frequent cleaning of our atomizer tank guarantees us a trouble free and a clean tasting vaping experience. Everytime we replace your coil head its good to rinse your tank with lukewarm water combined with some mild detergent. The only part that you don’t have to wash is the coil head.


  • Rinse your coil thoroughly with plenty of water and wait until your tank is fully dry before you fill it with e-liquid.
  • Don’t use hot water because there are certain parts like the o-rings which could get damaged.

Cleaning of the Air Flow Control inlets

All atomizer tanks have an air flow passage in their design. Its good practice to clean this passage so the air can travel through the coil without anything obstructing it.

Οπές εισαγωγής αέρα

Cleaning our Mouthpiece

One big difference of the e-cig compared to the traditional cigarette is that a smoker always had a clean tip in his mouth each time he smoked a cigarette. That’s why you need to make sure that cleaning your mouthpiece should be a part of your daily routine for a better oral hygiene. Dirty mouthpieces are the most common reason for a bad tasting e-cig and the cause of all common mouth infections.


The frequency in which our coil head needs replacing is depending on the following parameters:

  • The more power you apply on your coil the less it will eventually last.
  • E-liquids which have high viscosity ( High VG ) tend to limit the coil’s lifespan.
  • It is advised that even if your coil performs well you should replace it at least once a month.
  • Not enough power applied to your coil could eventually lead to a short lifespan due to the e-liquid residue accumulation caused by inadequate vaporization.

Priming of your coil

For a trouble free operation of our e-cig each time you use a new coil head you should prime it properly with e-liquid making sure that the wicking material inside it its fully saturated before you apply power to it. Apply some e-liquid inside the coil head inlets and wait for at least 5 minutes for it to soak.

The main ingredients in almost all of the e-liquids available on the market today are Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavorings and of course, nicotine. Most of the e-liquids available will be PG based, while VG is generally an alternative for people with allergies to Propylene Glycol (PG). The strength is determined by how much nicotine is present in the e-liquid solution. When switching to vaping from a desire to quit smoking, it is recommended to try an e-liquid with a nicotine level that matches that of the cigarettes you used to smoke and then to further experiment in lowering the nicotine strength level.