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NOBACCO gives away smiles to Ark of the World


With the message "This year we do not decorate - we give away smiles" NOBACCO announced the initiative to donate to the Ark of the World the money which would be spent on its stores’ decoration during the Christmas period.

Nobacco shops welcomed customers without shiny ornaments but with warm smiles, like the ones Nobacco wants to see in 400 unprotected children’s faces who are currently experiencing the care of the Ark of the World. This voluntary non-profit organization hosts children who have been abused, neglected, and of very poor living conditions, taking up babies from infancy to adulthood and supporting single parent families with serious economic and social problems.

"Christmas decorations and candles warm up the atmosphere, but this year in Nobacco we chose to do something different and give away smiles to the kids. For us, the Power of Choice is not just what we offer our customers, it is the principle that governs our behavior as a responsible corporate citizen. We choose not to lighten our stores, but the lives of children in need, helping to improve their daily routine", said Areti Deli, Marketing Manager of Nobacco.